Multi Calculator

Multi Calculator is an android application that can be used by insurance members to help their proposal to clients.

The Multi Calculator application has features :

  • Inflation Calculator : this application can be used to calculate the future value of a price according to the inputted future year and the predicted value of the inflation
  • Discount Calculator : this application can be used to calculate the discount value of a price by using a slide bar or input the value of the discount
  • Mortgage Calculator : this application calculates the monthly mortgage rate that users has to pay in a certain amount of years

The Multi Calculator can count the new inflation value, the discount value and the mortage value until 10 billion dollars (or units).

The Multi Calculator Lite is a minimized version of Multi Calculator that has ads and calculation limit until 10.000 dollars (or units).

Currently we are adding more pictures and sounds for this application, wait for our release in the Android Market soon….

Main Menu

Discount Menu

Mortgage Menu

Inflation Calculator

If you have a request to add more features or maybe complain the app is not working in certain mobile handset, please leave a comment below.


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